Meet BOSSDOG Glue Company™

About Us

Crafted By a maker, for makers

Meticulously crafted by one of our own seasoned woodworkers who recognized the need for a well-rounded wood glue. This premium water-based PVA adhesive is non-toxic and reflects a commitment to excellence in woodworking and carpentry projects. Complying with FDA guidelines this glue is great for cutting boards! Elevate your craftsmanship with BOSSDOG – where dedication meets the reliability of a professional-grade, well-rounded wood glue.

Watch the video below to learn more about why we started BOSSDOG Glue Company™.

Meet the Founder, Nick Starrett

As a professional carpenter with years of experience crafting custom furniture in North Florida, I faced a challenge in finding a glue that encompassed all the attributes I valued.

Motivated by this, I aimed to create a high-quality wood glue that caters to makers like me and you. The result is a well-rounded product capable of handling a variety of tasks in the workshop.

The Inspiration Behind BOSSDOG Glue Company™

BOSSDOG Glue Company was named after my best friend, Boss.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the love and loyalty of a great dog, but if you have, that was Boss!  For 15 incredible years, Boss embodied loyalty, strength, and resilience—the very values I strive to uphold in our glue.

Just as Boss held our hearts together with his unwavering love, our glue bonds materials with steadfast reliability. Though he may no longer be with us, Boss’s spirit continues to guide and inspire us every day. Thank you, Boss, for leaving your mark on our hearts and our company.